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Your List – The Hero Of Your Business

Rosina here.  Happy Friday! The weekend is here!

Can I complain about my insurance company a little?

They can\’t get an adjuster out to see my damage for over two more weeks, and I can\’t make any repairs until they do or they won\’t cover it.  And, I don\’t have any water in the house… so I\’m supposed to survive for two more weeks without any water??

And now they are trying to claim my house is on a slab so the burst pipe must be in the slab which they say they don\’t cover.  But, it\’s not on a slab, it is raised and there is a crawl space beneath it (admittedly a small one that no one can get into and no access to it except a small vent, but there IS a crawl space and the pipes are in the crawl space not in a slab)!

And they are claiming they probably won\’t cover the damage… so if they aren\’t going to cover anything, why do I have I been paying for home owner\’s insurance for 20+ years in the first place?

Okay, I\’ll quit complaining. Let\’s get on to something more interesting… let\’s talk about the hero of your business – your list.

List building is an ongoing, fluid process. 

Can you ever be done building your list?  Nope!

And list building happens in parallel to your email marketing.

Never be afraid to mail your list.  After all, you build it to mail it. So, train your subscribers to expect your emails. 

Do you expect my emails?  I hope so, that\’s why I try to send them at around the same time every day so you know when to expect them.

One hint is to tell people when to expect your emails.

Your list will grow slowly at first, and it may not seem like it\’s an important part of your business… but it will be.

Email is the original 1 to 1 channel.

You know what? I could share with you one of the best classes I\’ve seen on list building.

It\’s called Kevin Fahey\’s List Building & Email Marketing Masterclass. 

In it he shares the basics of building your list, all about opt in pages and email followup sequences, all kinds of methods of building your list, and plenty of other things!

It\’s a pretty amazing class. 

Get it and learn about building the most important part of your business!

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