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Your First Good Use of PLR

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! Boy the week is going fast!

I spoke to the second of my doctors today (I spoke with the first one yesterday)… those professionals I mentioned the other day.

Neither one was happy with my decision – I knew they wouldn’t be.

But she agreed to let me wait 3 weeks and see how I am doing then (well she wanted 2 weeks, but I got her out to 3).

So, she rescheduled me for then.

Seriously, I’ll be fine, but I’ll speak with her then and determine how to proceed.

So, other than that and some errands, I got a few things done and some marketing done, but nothing to write home about, lol.

Not nearly as productive of a day as yesterday.

Maybe tomorrow will be, I shouldn’t have too many distractions tomorrow, lol.

I was listening to Russell Brunson in the car again today and he was talking about the parable of the talents.

In case you’re not familiar with that parable, the lord of a household decides to go away for a season, so he gives to one of his servants 10 talents (a talent is an amount of money, but it can represent anything given to us), to another of his servants he gives 5 talents, and to a third he gives 1 talent.

The first of the servants takes the 10 talents and works hard with it and produces another 10 talents by the time the master returns and thus is able to return twice as much as he is given and is rewarded richly.

The second of the servants also works hard with his 5 talents and produces another 5 and is also rewarded richly.

The third servant is scared of losing his talent, so he goes and buries it in the ground.  When the master returns, he can’t even find the one talent given him to give back to the master.  The master is understandably displeased with him because he didn’t even try.

So, the question is, which of the servants are we being like?  Do we work our talents and expand them, or do we hide them away and lose them.

And which do you want to be like? So, how can you get there?

Now, on to using PLR.

Have you thought about how you might use PLR?

Well, today I’m going to give you one easy, actionable way you can use PLR…

And that is to write a one page summary of the PLR on a topic!

(BTW, you can use the same idea to make a good bonus to give when someone buys an affiliate offer from your link… give them a summary of that item as a bonus for buying from you.)

You see, people don’t want to spend the time to go through all the trouble of reading and digesting all that stuff!

Most people who buy ebooks or courses or video series, never, ever go through them.

In fact, I’ve heard that 80 to 90% of all courses purchased are never finished and something like 70% of people never even log in.

Have you ever been guilty of either of those?

I know, I have 😽… though I do try to get through everything, I don’t always succeed and I know there are some upsells and order bumps I never did get to.

So people will JUMP on the chance to get it summarized for them.

So, what do you do?

Open a google doc and write your notes down. Then format it nicely and make it look good and… voila! You’ve got something to give away.

If you really want to be fancy, make what Russell calls a onepager… a webpage that contains your notes (and he has special software just for that, but all it really is is a nicely formatted webpage which you can do just as easily for a whole lot less).

One of these days, I’ll make up some nice templates for one page summaries and share them (It’s on my massive list of things to do, lol)…

I’ve got another source of PLR for you, go check it out!

Write me back, tell me what you think and what you think you might do with PLR to give something away.

To your success!


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