You MUST have a strong WHY

If you\’re going to have a successful home business you must have a strong WHY.

So what is a why?

A why is what drives you. Why MUST you make your home business work? What is it that you absolutely CAN\’T have in your life anymore and/or what is it that absolutely MUST HAVE?

Look inside yourself and figure out your WHY!

Write it down and make sure that it is filled with emotion. It MUST make you feel something if it is a strong WHY. If it doesn\’t, try again.

What really makes you feel.

For me, it is being disabled and knowing that in a few months I would not have enough money to pay the house payment and the car payment, let alone enough to eat and feed my dog and my cat. I already gave up my horse because I couldn\’t feed her. Plus I want the FREEDOM to travel and do what I want to do, not just be stuck at home. I MUST have success in my home business. I felt a great big pain when I thought of losing everything and incredible joy when I think of the freedom success in my home business would bring me.

I found my why.

You MUST find yours.


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