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Writing To Your List – Taking Action

Rosina here. Having a great week?  It\’s Thursday already!

My friend had a doctor appointment today, so I didn\’t take her to the school for the blind today, which also means we missed the Thanksgiving dinner they were having for lunch today.  She was sad to be missing that, but it was the only day she could get her infusion.

So I got to stay home and work on business stuff. I got a good bit done!

And the school is closed next week, so I\’ll be staying home next week too.  

I almost finished a new review, so I should be able to publish that tomorrow.

Now let\’s talk about writing to your list.

When you write to your list, write to one person.  Don\’t talk to groups of people; talk to the one person reading your email right now. 

Remember to personalize when you can.   Befriend them.  That one person is the most important person in the world.

When something works, continue, expand and keep doing it. Keep learning, keep growing.

When something doesn\’t work, don\’t spend forever trying to figure out why. Try to figure out what it may have been, but move on and trust the process. Don\’t get stuck. And remember, you build the list to mail the list.

Quality beats quantity all the time. A list of 100 people that trust you is worth much more than a list of 10,000 that doesn\’t.

This works If you work it. So, always keep learning; always keep building.

Walt Disney made one of the best statements, \”The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.\”

Begin doing — get started!  Action is the single most important thing.

Kevin Fahey has one of the most complete list building courses out there so be sure to pick up your copy.

Would you like to learn more about list building and work one on one with me?  If you\’re the one, reply back with the words \”Tell me more\”.

To your success!

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