The best way to predict the future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln

Words DO Matter…

Words make a BIG difference.

I hope – I will try – I wish, so many people use words like those…

But what they don\’t realize is that those words will keep you broke (in many different ways)

Instead, replace those words with:

I will – I can – I\’m going to

Saying \”I hope\” or \”I will try\” is really saying \”I know or I expect to fail.

You set yourself up for failure before you even get started.

On the other hand, when you say words like \”I will,\” you start to believe in your vision and your mind takes over and guides you to the goal.

Not only do your words set yourself up for success… but they influence others to join you in your business as well.

Do you think someone wants to work with someone who says I will.. or I will try?

People want to work with do’ers and people who actually try things out.

This doesn’t just apply to business.. it applies to everything in your life.

Marriages fail because they say \”I will give it a try\”… or they say \”I hope it works out\”… They really just expected their marriage to fail from the start.

No matter if it’s your business, personal relationships, or becoming a better version of yourself – if you don’t make a DECISION that you will make it work… then it won’t!

Want a better life?? Start changing the words you use and the way you think.

This has been a huge transformation in my life and when I changed the way I thought, everything in my life starting falling into place.

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