Michael T. Ringwood, “An Easiness and Willingness to Believe,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2009, 100–102.


I witness that this easiness and willingness to believe will come from doing those seemingly insignificant things taught to us repeatedly since our youth. Obedience will bring soft hearts and an easiness to believe in the word of God. I bear witness that an easiness to believe will bring an outpouring of the Spirit.

How easy is it for me to believe. I strive to be obedient and believe in the words I learn. Sometimes it is easy and other times it is not as easy. But the point is to always be striving, then we will feel the outpouring of the Spirit when we need it.


I am grateful today for the time I spend reading the scriptures and learning about God.

Random Thoughts

What did I do great today…

  • I worked on my Online Business Foundation course today and reorganized it.
  • I finished the reviews I started and got the one for Scarcity Toolz on YouTube.
  • I got together the information Conversion House Media needed so I can receive my commissions.

I finally got caught up on the email since my trip to Utah. It\’s amazing there is so much of it. Now I have to get caught up on the paper mail too lol.

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