Willingness Of Heart

Exodus 35:5

Take ye from among you an offering unto the Lord: whosoever is of a awilling heart, let him bring it, an offering of the Lord; gold, and silver, and brass,


The Lord asked the children of Israel for special things to use in building and furnishing the tabernacle. The people respond with such willingness and bring more than enough. The Lord asks things of us today too and we hopefully always respond with a willing heart. People in my new ward have certainly helped me with willing hearts.


I am grateful today that my mother\’s surgery went well and there were no complications.

Random Thoughts

Our family had a Zoom meeting this evening to hear from Dad more about what is going on. So it turns out that there are three tumors in the left (not the right) side of her brain which is why it is affecting the right side of her body.  One was too large to treat with anything but surgery and even that can\’t remove it all. It\’s an aggressive form of cancer but they can\’t be sure exactly what kind until the lab results come back from the biopsy. But they think it\’s gleoblastoma (sp?) which is the same kind Loren had and is very aggressive. They have been able to determine that she doesn\’t have cancer anywhere else in her body.

He was very supportive of Mother\’s decision to have the surgery and was very clear it was her decision.

They aren\’t sure about treatment post surgery and won\’t be able to define it until the lab results come back. But she will need physical and speech therapy for sure and some kind of chemo or radiation therapy to extend her life. They aren\’t sure how long but perhaps 12-18 months.

My Dad doesn\’t want the information shared, he wants to only do it himself. I\’m having trouble understanding this as people need to know and he needs to spend his time with Mother not talking to everyone about it. He doesn\’t even want Lorelei to share the diagnosis with their ward. Those people care about her and want to know what\’s going on and they are doing all they can to help – they\’ve brought food, they cleaned mom and dad\’s house today, they\’ve done the yard work and more.  All he wants Lorelei to do is tell them that she is doing well or not doing well and be vague about what is going on. The extended family should be told as well. He\’d probably be upset if he knew I was writing this where others can read it, but I know it\’s unlikely that anyone will – it\’s really just my personal journal.

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