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Why Not Use PLR Directly

Rosina here.  Happy New Week!  I hope your first two days have gone well!

Sheesh, I was not paying attention to what I was doing and I hit the send button on my draft email (which was a copy of Saturday’s mail) instead of editing it…

I really was just acting on autopilot because then I hit the confirm button instead of realizing I’d made a mistake and canceling…

Oh boy… 😒😵🫢… I’m so embarrassed… my apologies for the duplicate.

I guess it shows how much I’ve been working today, my brain is shutting down, lol.

I did get a lot of stuff done, but it was this little urgent thing that needed doing and that little urgent thing that needed doing and the other little thing that needed doing.

And my marketing time was spent attempting to get Facebook messenger to work (I did finally get it working but it took over an hour and a half and a computer reboot and several cache dumps – which did nothing… I’m not exactly sure what I did that got it working again).

I was finally going to work on Path To Online Wealth at the end of the day, but … I got an email reply to a support email I had sent earlier in the day, so instead I ended up spending time working on Elite Ad Exchange instead.

Something that needed to be done, but I wanted to really have some fun and explore stuff, lol.

So, on that note, go log into Elite Ad Exchange if you have an account (and if you don’t, go sign up… it’s free) and see the changes I made today!

The menus are laid out better and easier to read, and there’s a contest going on!  

I still need to post something in the member’s area about the contest…so maybe I’ll do that tonight while I listen to some training (I did announce it in an email to all current members).

But the contest is… I added a new menu item, if you can correctly identify it by Thursday, I’ll give you 1,000 credits!

On Thursday, I’ll be making the official announcement of what it is, so the contest will end when I do, lol.

I know it will be hard for you new members, but take a look and make a guess… you never know, you might be right and get those credits!

Now, I did promise to talk more about PLR, so let’s do that…

How do you get something to give away from it?

Here’s the thing…

You don’t want to use PLR just exactly as it is.

It’s marketed as something you can just put your name on and publish, but you don’t want to do that…

Much of it is junk … though there can be some hidden gems even in the junk.

But first, you don’t want to become known as the person who produces junk.

And even if it’s good quality, if everyone goes out there and claims authorship of the exact same content, what’s going to happen?

People are going to start to notice and know that you didn’t actually write it.

So, second, you want to be a real producer, not a copycat.

And, third, you will lose trust and it’ll be hard to get back (if possible at all since that stuff is out there forever and it will be found even if you try to delete it).

So, how in the world do you use PLR to give stuff away?

There’s a number of things you can do!

Some easy and quick (and good to give away) and some that take more work (and still good to give away, but given the work it took you, using them as bonuses or selling them might be more appropriate).

So keep tuned in!

We’ll explore them!

So here’s another good source of PLR for you, check it out!

Write me back, tell me what you think and what you think you might do with PLR to give something away.

To your success!


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