Why Mindset Makes Such A Big Difference…

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!  I hope you had a great day and accomplished much!

I did get a good deal accomplished. 

I did some small, quick tasks, then got into my big task of the day – some big changes to the affiliate page for Traffic Magic.

I didn\’t finish the changes I want to make, so I didn\’t officially announce it…. but since you know about it, you can go take a look if you like :).

I had to run some errands and go shopping, so I didn\’t get to spend my whole day on my big task.

But having food in the house is rather important… lol.

While I was driving around, I was listening to a podcast.

It was about mindset.

And as you may have guessed, that is a big thing for me. lol

It was the story of a woman who became #1 in a competition beating out the likes of Russell Brunson and other greats.

And she did that by constantly visualizing herself sitting with those greats at the presentation ceremony.

Thus, she had the mindset that she could do it.

The question you may have is how does just visualizing something and having that mindset make it so?

And the answer is simple, yet so profound.

The answer is in the action you take…

When you see something it lets you believe it and when you believe it, you take massive action that let\’s you accomplish it.

On the other hand, when you don\’t believe something or even worse, believe you can\’t do it, you take little or no action towards it.

Thus you don\’t achieve it, which unfortunately reinforces your belief that you can\’t do it.

Big beliefs result in big action which results in big success.

Mindset is SO incredibly important.

Look at your life deeply and honestly.

Do you see this playing out in your life?

I know I do in my life, on both sides of the equation.

Maybe I will tell you some of those stories.  

But not today.  You\’ll have to open more messages to find them 😆.

Today, let\’s go back to Traffic, another big thing for me.

Have you sat down to identify where most of your traffic comes from?

It\’s important to do that so that you are not just throwing money or time or both at things that don\’t work.

Of course that also means that you need to do enough of something to give it a chance to work. But that\’s a topic for another time.

The thing I was thinking about today is measurement.

Without measuring your results, you are just spinning your wheels.

So I\’m wondering…

How do you measure your results?

Reply back and let me know.

I\’d like to hear your stories, then I will tell you mine!

And I will give you some hints on how you can measure your results on Traffic Magic!

Of course you know I\’m going to encourage you to join Traffic Magic if you haven\’t already ;).

Get yourself set up with Traffic Magic right away and enjoy the great 100% buyer traffic it will bring you for pennies!

Want to talk to me more about this or any of the topics I cover?  Send me an email with the subject \”Tell me more\”.

To your success!


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