Who Doesn\’t Need Traffic?

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  I hope your day was great! 

And the weekend is here… Can\’t beat that 😄

I had a medical treatment early this morning and have a massive headache from it (this is typical after these treatments and goes away after a night\’s sleep). 

So I didn\’t get a whole lot done today, just the essentials… obviously writing you is one of my essentials!

And, I\’m going to keep it short today.

My dog was very happy to see me when I got home. He doesn\’t get left home very often because he is my service dog so he goes with me pretty much everywhere. 

But I don\’t take him to the hospital with me for my treatments – I have to have anesthesia, so someone would have to watch him during my treatment if I did.  

My friend who drives me could do it, but I don\’t ask her to – he just stays home for these treatments.

I see you didn\’t pick up Traffic Magic yesterday and I\’m wondering why not.

If you\’re marketing online at all, I know you need traffic!

And this is an excellent way to get guaranteed buyer traffic.

If you get even 2 clicks it will cost you less than Google Ad words lol.

So, tell me, what keeps you from doing it?

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To your success!


PS. Please send me your feedback! I appreciate it!

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