When Nothing Else Works…

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a wonderful one!

It was busy, getting videos done and ready to share with you, lol. I’m going to point you to the two of them a little later :).

Plus I went to the church for a little bit, with my dog off-duty – he’s my service dog so he usually wears a harness and doesn’t get to be petted or played with.

And I got this cute video of one of the missionaries playing with him, lol. 

It’s great:  https://youtube.com/shorts/9_EL2_z4QAo?feature=share

Lol.. It was fun watching him play!

I learned something new today, so I think I’ll share it. 

I was having trouble with one of my sites. Neither the dashboard nor the homepage nor anything else was showing up right – it was just short one lines of text for each of the menu items and other stuff on the page, just one line after another; links worked, but buttons and other elements didn’t.

I had been using it just fine yesterday, when all of the sudden, for no apparent reason, it suddenly showed up like that.

And nothing I did fixed it!

So, what do you do when something goes wonky?

Clear your cash… didn’t work… clear your cookies… didn’t work… restart your browser… didn’t work… try an incognito window… didn’t work… reboot your computer… didn’t work.

Argg! So, I thought maybe it was something on the server. 

So I got in touch with their support, and guess what!??… it worked just fine for them, they even showed me a screenshot of it.

But I had tried ALL the standard things to fix it…

The support person asked if I had another network I could use or a VPN. I told him no, I didn’t have one, but then I remembered, I could use the mobile hotspot on my cell phone – that would be a different network.

So, I turned on my mobile hotspot and disconnected my wifi from my phone to force it to use the cell network.

Then I switched my laptop’s wifi to use the mobile hotspot.

I reloaded the page… and voila… it worked!

Then I went back to my home wifi network and … it worked!

Not understanding why a different network would make a difference as all it does is change the routing, right?… 

I asked and pushed until the support guy gave me a explanation.

It seems that when you change networks, it also forces a new cache to be set up.

So, for some reason, it seems that my cache wasn’t being completely cleared, despite having told Chrome to clear it and having rebooted (which also should have cleared the cache). 

But the network change did force a totally new cache, so it definitely had to fetch everything all over again and when it did it got the right thing this time.

So there’s my story for the day, when nothing else works… try a different network!

Now, back to the My First Website Challenge…

Did you take a guess at what Step 1 is in My First Website?

If you read the Introduction lesson, it’s an easy guess, lol.

So, here you go…

Here’s the Introduction so you can see the video that goes with it…


Here’s Step 1!

Follow the step and do the assignment so you can be ready for step 2… hopefully tomorrow!

Tonight, I’m going to make a one-pager to go with them and experiment with some new software… always fun!

Write me back and tell me what you think the next step is going to include!

To your success!


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