Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! It\’s the middle of the week already, wow!

It was a busy day again!

Warrior+ got back to me about Traffic Magic, but they had some changes they asked for due to some changes in their requirements since my last product was approved that I didn\’t know about (I had found some, but not all of them).

So I took care of those, filmed the last video I had missed and sent it all back in to Warrior+ for approval. 

Phew. Hopefully it will pass this time!

I also had an onboarding call with ClickMagick. Boy things have changed and improved since I last used ClickMagick and I had a lot of questions for them since I had started trying some things with it last night.  

I learned a lot!  I didn\’t know how much I was missing staying with my current tracking tool and how much more I could be getting out of tracking than I currently am. 

It\’s going to take some time and effort to switch to ClickMagick so I\’ll have to pay for both for a while.

Then I had a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff I had to do, lol.

Tomorrow is a Christmas party at the school for the blind and my friend invited me to come with her.  

So, I won\’t be going to the temple like I had planned, or picking up dog food from my sister (she gets a really great deal on really high end dog food, so I always get it through her 🙂 or getting much work done, lol.

But I will be enjoying a party! With a band and everything apparently.

I was reading more of the 30 Days book by Russell Brunson this evening.

The case study I was reading was about doing an e-comm store and producing her own physical products.  

Now, I can\’t really see myself doing physical products, especially producing those products myself like Jaime Cross planned for her 30 days.

But still, it was good to study!  I picked up some good strategies and thought about things I can and should implement for Traffic Magic.

It\’s truly amazing how much you can learn even by studying something so far off from what your own plans entail.  

Be sure to keep reading and keep studying!  

I try to read something in personal development or business development (like marketing) every day.  This will help you keep developing your skills and mindset even if it seem rather unrelated.

If you haven\’t read Russell Brunson\’s books, I highly recommend them. You can get them for free + shipping here:  Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Dot Com Secrets.

They really are foundational reading for anyone who wants to succeed at internet marketing as Russell is an expert marketer.

Want help 1:1?  Send me an email with the subject, \”Tell me more.\”

To your success!


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