What We Share … and the Next Secret Thing To Do With PLR

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday! Hope your Thursday was awesome.

I shared an article today with a friend of mine.  It was an article aimed at young adults, but it is really applicable to all of us.

It was about what we share on social media.

There is so much hatred and distress going on in our world today.

And we hear about opinions that are often not at all supported by fact.

And many other things that serve to take us down.

And we hear these things over and over and over again.

It gets attention.

And we are often tempted to share on social media that which gets attention.

So, do we repeat those things too?

Or, do we share things that lift and inspire?

The real value comes in those things that lift and inspire.

There are great examples of people who lift and inspire

Find some and follow them… and be one yourself.

And you’ll find more stories that lift and inspire.

And to finish my story about my friend… the article touched her deeply and she was so glad that I sent it to her.  It came just at the perfect time for her.

I’m so glad I followed the prompting to send it to her and to have been a part of that.

If you’d like to read this article for yourself, you can find it here.

Perhaps you will find some value in it as well.  

It is wonderful to share.

Now on to what more we can do to give stuff away.

The next thing you can do with PLR is take it and make a Step By Step Guide or in other words, “X steps to do Y” page and give that away.

It takes only minutes to come up with a few steps.

Write them down.

Format them nicely.

And voila!  

The perfect gift people will be beating down your door to get.

Once again, people don’t want to be bothered to read it for themselves and figure out what to do.

They’d rather be told what to do.

It’s not hard to take a piece of PLR and summarize the 6 steps to <topic>.

Here again, you can do it as simply as putting it into a google doc and formatting it nicely (and the hosting is free).

Or making a simple web page with a cool border and lists the 6 steps.

So, go to and make those Step By Step Guides.

And your Step By Step Guide is your perfect intro into something they can buy that will go into those steps more fully… maybe even the PLR itself (see a future idea of what to do with PLR).

Now I found today, a PLR package bundle that promises to be good, though I haven’t evaluated it myself.  This one is centered around a specific topic instead of being a general source/store where you can find anything.

Go check it out and I bet it will help you too!

Then, Write me back, tell me what you think of it, or just tell me what you thought of this email.

To your success!


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