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What We Need In Ourselves And Our Leaders

As you may have seen in my previous post, I finished a review for Maximus Traffic that I announced yesterday. 

I almost finished a second review, so I\’ll probably finish that in the morning. It just needs recorded and posted.

I started on the pages for a third review, so maybe I\’ll finish two reviews tomorrow.

As you know, I was supposed to go to the school for the blind with my friend today, which would have kept me from finishing the review. But there was a wildfire in the Cajon pass, which we need to drive down to get there, and the pass was closed so we didn\’t go.

I was thinking today about the state of affairs in our world today, especially the war in Ukraine and the situation with Donald Trump, who was president and as a leader of the country should be reputable and honest.

And I was reading an article in the Liahona which made a point I found very poignant. 

It said, \”For years it has been held that peace comes by preparation for war… Peace comes by preparing for peace, through training the people in righteousness and justice, and selecting rulers who respect the righteous will of the people.\”

We need to prepare for peace and teach honesty and truth and justice and we need leaders who respect the will of the people in all countries.

We have had many good and trustworthy leaders, but we have also had ones who are not and we need them to be. 

It is getting harder and harder to find truth and righteousness in our society, but we must continue to have faith and try to find them. 

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