Rosina here.  Happy weekend!  I hope you are having a great weekend!

I took my dog for a walk this morning and came home in total pain.  I always have pain, that is a given, but sometimes it is worse than others.  

This morning it was bad.  But I knew that if I sat down and did something else, I wouldn\’t get the yard cleaned and the housekeeping done. 

So I pushed through it and cleaned the yard and did a little housework.  After walking all over the yard to clean it up, I wasn\’t up to much housework, so I started the laundry and wiped down a couple things.

Then I went to work on business stuff. Which was much more fun anyway, lol.

I took a break once the stores were open and did some shopping too. Gotta get in on some of the sales even if Black Friday is technically over. :). It was very painful as well, so I was really hurting when I got home.

I ended up registering for a course I got as part of a bonus and spending some time going through it. 

The first part was about mindset and planning. Always good topics. And I came away with some interesting perspectives about some good things I will be working into my daily schedule.

There\’s always so much to learn!

So let\’s get back to our online course… 

Once you\’ve put it together what do you do with it?

You\’ve got to launch it!

That means putting together a sales page and email promotions. Getting an offer set up wherever you\’re going to use to promote it.

I recommend Warrior+ for most info courses. But there are other choices. 

One of  the networks like Warrior+ gives you an already established platform to work from, but you can also set everything up yourself and sell it on your own.

Next you need to promote it.  Look for my email on Monday to talk about that!

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There are tons more great Black Friday sales out there but these are the two I picked out that I think you will get tons of benefit from.

Want to learn more about the things I talk about?   Reply back with the subject \”Tell me more\”.  

Let us know what you think...