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What To Do With All Those Creative Ideas…

Rosina here.  It\’s Friday already!  The weekend is here! 

What are you planning to do for the weekend?  Anything fun?

For me, I just have yard and house cleaning to do, the laundry, and shopping.  All so much fun, right…. not!

Ah well, they are things that have to get done.

I had some great ideas come to me today!  So I put them and descriptions on my future ideas list to choose from when I finish my current projects.

Do you find yourself getting distracted from your current plan when great ideas come to you?

You just want to get working on them all of a sudden, then you never get back to the current project and never finish.

This is where a Future Ideas List comes in very helpful.  

Get the idea out of your head and written down so that you aren\’t constantly thinking about it.

I write down the idea, a brief description of it, and if I have a plan or checklist of things that need to get done for it to happen,  I write that down too.

The important thing is to get it OUT of your head.

Then I can get back to my current project without the new idea constantly on my mind as I try to remember everything I\’ve thought about for it.

It takes a little time, but it saves SO much time in the long run.

I keep my list in Google Tasks. I keep one list for all the ideas and descriptions and brief plans. 

If I have a longer plan or checklist for the idea, I create a separate list just for that idea as well.

Then when I go looking at my list for a new project to start, I sort through the list and cross off the ideas I decide weren\’t really that great after all and I don\’t want to do. And at the same time delete the separate list I have for it (if it has one).

If I have an idea on the list that I\’m not going to start when I\’m looking for the new project but still think it\’s a good one, then I just leave it on the list. 

It\’s a helpful way to keep it organized.

Not to belabor the point, but the important thing is to get it OUT of your head so it doesn\’t keep distracting you.

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