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What Is Attraction Marketing?

Rosina here.  Welcome to November!  Thanksgiving will be here soon!

Are you starting to make plans for Thanksgiving?

The school for the blind, where I was today with my friend that I take down there, was making announcements for their Thanksgiving plan. 

They are closed the week of Thanksgiving, and they are planning a special Thanksgiving \”dinner\” (at lunch time) for the Thursday before Thanksgiving.  It should be a great dinner.

I did some reorganizing of my task lists into trello board lists, to see if this helps me stay organized better and make checklists I can use for repeat projects, today while I was waiting for my friend. 

I also cleaned up my browser windows which tend to get loaded with open tabs I start working on and never get back to or just tabs that I forget to close.  In the process I started organizing my bookmark folders too to keep things organized and to keep track of things.

All organizational stuff, but it helps to take some time every once in a while to clean up some things.

Today, I want to start talking about Attraction Marketing.

Specifically, I want to start talking about the Four Pillars of Attraction Marketing.

First, though, what is attraction marketing?

It is the idea of attracting people to you and your program instead of chasing after them in your marketing. 

It is especially used by those in network marketing who don\’t want to chase after their friends and family and try to convince them to participate when they don\’t really want to participate.  But I think it can be and should be applied to marketing for all types of products and programs.

Have you heard of attraction marketing before?   What does it mean to you?  Do you have examples of good attraction in marketing? Or bad examples of marketing, even?

I\’d be interested in hearing about any of it!

Tomorrow we\’ll introduce the first pillar of attraction marketing. Look forward to it!

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