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What I Learned After Spending All Day On Support Issues

Rosina here.  Happy Monday.  I hope the start of the week is going well for you!

I must admit, I have a massive headache and my frustrations of the day has shown through several times today.

I was mean to my dog and I responded poorly to a couple of support personnel who didn\’t understand the problems and/or why they were problems that I was trying to point out to them so that their developers could fix them.

I apologized to both my dog for getting so angry at him and behaving badly myself (and gave him a treat when he was behaving better) and to the support personnel.

I will strive to do better.

I wanted to work on things for Traffic Magic today, but my time spent on the support issues kept me from getting it done 😒

I do have to remember to prioritize what I need to get done, not helping the software companies with their software for free.

Report the problem, explain to them how to reproduce it and then let it go. It\’s their job to take it from there.

Don\’t spend all of my time I need to spend on income producing activities helping them do their job of researching it and reproducing it.


I\’m afraid my massive headache is going to intefere with my writing about traffic sources today. I\’m sorry.

Please let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. Just reply to this email and tell me.

Get your copy of Start With Why . It truly is a great book! Be sure to get your own copy.

To your success!


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