What Does Traffic Really Mean?

Rosina here.  Happy weekend!  Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!

Mine was full of cleaning. Sooo much fun… lol.  Getting the latest covid booster. And going through the mail that\’s been piling up. All so much fun lol.

But I did get to build some webpages too later in the day.  You\’ll see those over the next couple weeks as I release them all 😃.

I had fun making images for those pages with Graiphics and Canva.  And I had fun finding other elements for those pages which you will soon see, but I don\’t want to reveal them now lol.

Let\’s talk about traffic…

Without traffic all of our business online is pretty much pointless.

What does traffic really mean though?

Traffic means people seeing our pages and thus our offers.

And without people seeing our pages, learning from us, and buying our offers, what we do is for naught.

And why is that?  Because our goal is to do something valuable, whether that is to teach a concept, help someone build a business, or make enough money to live the lifestyle we seek, our goal is doing something valuable.

If no one sees it, it has no value to anyone.

So we need traffic or in other words people to see it.

Next week, before I go away for Christmas, let\’s talk about the kinds of traffic there are.

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To your success!


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