I was able to spend some time outside with my dog today. First we went for a walk like we always do. It was a nice comfortable day for a walk and there weren\’t too many neighbor dogs barking at us from their back yards.

Later we were waiting to pick up some stuff, so we sat in the shade of a tree just petting him and enjoying the time together.

It\’s important to spend time with your family whether that family be human or four legged.

I spent a good part of the day running errands and working on my product too. 

The launch of Massive Mail Path is only a week away and I\’m working on tying up the loose ends.

Consider the power of thought.  What we think, will manifest. 

How much we think about it determines how much it will manifest.  

A passing thought will start to manifest but then get interrupted by other things we REALLY think about.

Something we dwell on – whether we mean to dwell on it or not – will manifest much more completely. It will take form and become real.

Think about your thoughts. Do you direct your thoughts or let them just go wherever?  If you want to be successful, you must dwell on success – whatever that success means to you.

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