Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  And hello weekend!

Not that I really do much different on Saturday other than adding some cleaning and laundry and shopping… okay, maybe I do do different things on Saturday.

And this Saturday will definitely be different.

I was asked to speak at Church on Sunday, so I will spend a good bit of time preparing for that talk.

I’ve already been thinking about it and preparing it in my mind, but if I don’t write it down and organize it, it will come out a jumbled up mess and I’ll forget some (maybe even much) of the things I wanted to talk about, lol.

Lol, I hadn’t been asked to speak in many years, now I’ll have spoken twice within 6 months.

Today, in a mastermind I’m in, I got asked to talk about my experience with AI, and especially chatGPT, since I use it all the time.  So we had a good discussion about it, though I kept getting interrupted by a guy who thought his way was better than my way, lol.

I do use it a lot and am getting very good results with it, so I should probably share with you what I’ve learned about using AI tools, especially chatGPT.

My first attempts with it were a joke and the first stuff I produced with it was junk, lol. But I learned how to use it properly.  There are definitely techniques to get good results that aren’t always obvious.

Would you be interested in that?  Let me know.

Meanwhile, ready for the next thing you can do with PLR?

BTW, while I’m doing this, I’m putting together a course on all these things you can do. 

It’s going to be awesome.  It goes into each of these techniques in more depth and shows how to do them in various tools with examples and templates and everything!

It won’t be released until the relaunch of Path To Online Wealth, but I wanted to let you know it’s coming!

Okay, let’s take up the next thing you can do.

I call this one “X ways to Y”.

This one is especially good when you’re summing up research into several different pieces of PLR at once. Or summing up your knowledge of a topic.

Take a bunch of things on a particular topic and write down what each’s overarching method is and put that into a list!

Sometimes you can find PLR that’s already done that, but in a long winded way. So, you can take that, put it in your own words and shorten it down to one sentence each, and you have your product!

You can make these in no time flat.

Once again, you can do something decent with Google Docs, or you can make a nice looking web page.

There you go!  Go forth and make some X ways to Y on topics you’re interested in!

And here’s another PLR Source for you!

There’s a lot of them I know, but most of them are free to join, so join and check them out.  Not everything they have is going to be great, but there is great stuff waiting to be found!

And, Write me back and tell me what you think of doing this, or what you’re going to do with all this.

To your success!


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