What Are You Interested In?

Rosina here.  Happy weekend! Doing anything special for the weekend maybe in preparation for Christmas?

I didn\’t, but I had a lot of fun anyway, lol.

I spent the day finishing up the affiliate page for Traffic Magic that I didn\’t get done last night before my computer ran out of power (which was my signal that it was past time to go to bed ;).

Then I filmed all the videos, got them uploaded to YouTube and set them to show on their respective pages.

Finally, I started the process of hooking everything up by setting up the domain to get email and to be hooked up to the website I\’ve been building.

That\’s the easy part of hooking things up, things I\’ve done before.  I\’ll hook the rest up during the next week and start testing everything.

It was a fun day. It\’s so much fun building all this stuff and planning for the future.  It\’s great to see it coming together.

Have you voted on the ebook covers for the learning centered sites guide?  If not, go do it now! I want to hear from you.  Your input on that and the learning centered sites is very valuable!

So far, cover C is in the lead. Get your votes in soon!

What topics would you like to see me talk about in my emails to you?

They can be anything in the internet marketing, online business, or personal development sphere. I\’ve learned a lot in my time online and I want to share it, but I want to share things you\’re interested in. 

Or if you\’re interested in something totally different tell me that too! I might know something about it I can share :).

So, reply to this email, and tell me what you\’re interested in. 

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Here\’s the link to see what all CourseReel AI can help with.

And here\’s the link for the special bundle I arranged for you.

To your success!


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