Wells Of Living Water

Genesis 26


I was reading in Come Follow Me today about Old Testament symbols. In Genesis 26 we read a lot about Isaac\’s wells.  Wells are a source of water, an important one, sometimes the only one in the desert areas where much of the Old Testament takes place. Sources of water are often a symbol for the living water of the gospel or the teachings of Christ.


Today I am grateful for my friend, Rosalyn, who invited me over to her house this afternoon to watch the devotional for California saints with her.  It was a good devotional and I\’m glad I was able to spend the time with her and enjoy it together.

Random Thoughts

I was asked last week to start taking care of one of the bulletin boards that needs updating and someone keeping it current. Today the counselor in the Bishopric showed me which one it is. I don\’t know what will happen as I may be moving out of the ward, but I will start to work on it after I get back from this next weekend in Utah.

I was reading and thinking about the suggestions in The Miracle Morning For Entrepreneurs. One of them is affirmations. So one of my affirmations is: I expand in abundance, love, and success every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.

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