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Wattpad As A Traffic Source

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!  I hope you’re having a great one!


Today was a day of learning more and more about Memberpress, converting some of my pages over and developing more pages.


I really like how things are coming out for Path To Online Wealth, but I have to take the password off to be able to show it to you all.


And I’ll do that soon, I promise. I just want to get it a little more set up before I do.


It’s going to be an awesome program and resource for you.  I can’t wait to show it to you!


I have one more traffic source for you, then I think we’ll move on to another topic.


Not that there isn’t plenty more traffic sources out there (there are), but there’s no way you can do them all at once, lol!


So, what about this last traffic source…


Have you ever heard of Wattpad?


It’s similar to the blogging platforms we’ve talked about, but it’s technically called a storytelling platform.


It’s intended to be a platform on which you read and write your stories! 


Imagine what you can do with that for your promotions!


What to do:

  • Write an interesting, engaging and curiosity building story around your promotion
  • Work in a push to your website
  • Post it on Wattpad


  • You are selling without people feeling like you’re pitching them so it’s more comfortable all around
  • It gets over 189 million visitors a month, so there’s a lot of traffic to be had
  • It’s going to be good traffic from people interested in what you have


  • It’s a different type of content than other sites, so you have to make sure you are telling a story in your content, not just telling about something.
  • You need to post regularly
  • It takes time to build a following

My opinion of Wattpad


It’s going to be great traffic, if you do it right. It’s a different type of content, but you should be telling stories in your posts anyway. So tell those stories and post them to Wattpad as well.  You just may need to be a little more subtle in your pitch.


So what do you think of Wattpad?  Going to try your hand at storytelling?


Be sure to write me back and tell me what you think! (and tell me a little story while you’re at it 🙂


To your success!



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