Warm It Up Some… What Is Warm Traffic?

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday!  Hope you\’re having a great week in the big run up to Christmas!

There\’s so much to do and I\’m not going to get everything done before I leave for Iowa, especially since I\’m now going to my sister\’s house early on Thursday instead of later – so we can share Christmas presents that we aren\’t taking with us to Iowa. lol.

So somehow I\’ve got to get everything prepared to be gone for a week (and I\’m not nearly ready) and get all my house tasks done and pack in preparation for my trip tomorrow so that Thursday morning I can pack the last few things, drop off my dog, and head down to my sister\’s house. 

Phew it\’s going to be a busy day. 

You might not get an email every day I\’m gone, but I will try to get them done tomorrow

At least the gift emails are done.  And I do hope you are enjoying them! Merry Christmas!!

Oh I got an email to celebrate about today!  It was an email from Amazon saying that a copy of my book has sold and I\’ll soon be seeing the proceeds in my bank account! Woohoo!  

I get emails about commissions from affiliate products pretty regularly, but this is the first of a physical book I wrote, so I\’m celebrating it!

Celebrate the small stuff! And soon it will get bigger!

Let’s get back to our discussion about traffic…

Yesterday we talked about the 3 broad categories of traffic and we defined the first one of those which is cold  traffic which is people who don’t know of you or your product and/or don’t know they have a problem and definitely aren’t searching for a solution.

Warm traffic is the next step up from that.  They know they have a problem and are investigating possible solutions for it. They may have heard of you and/or your product, but they probably don’t know a lot about it.

Warm traffic is like the fish in the lake.  If you go fishing there, it’s easier to catch the fish looking for something.

You still need the right bait and need it at the right time, but that bait is easier because the fish are looking for something.

Tomorrow, let’s talk about hot traffic.  Check back tomorrow and find out about hot traffic!

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