Want To Learn This Cool Trick To Get More Traffic?

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday!  What was good about today?

For me, it was keeping busy and focused on my project. I got quite a bit done.

I had to take a break about noon to run an errand, but most of the day was spent building and setting up! Fun stuff.

Here\’s one of the pages I built today. Check it out!

Yes, simple, I know, but this kind of opt in page can be one of the highest converting.  I can\’t wait to see how it does.

I also discovered new information about a way to use Traffic Ad Bar today. So I\’ll tell you about it.

You can use Traffic Ad Bar to cloak your links. When you do, a Traffic Ad Bar ad shows up on your page.

Now, I\’ve resisted doing this because it seem like it would reduce conversions and distract your target audience.

But Jeff Aman, one who I learn a lot from and who is making multiple tens of thousands each month, did a study and found that not only did it not reduce conversions, but it nearly doubled the amount of traffic he got with the setup, thus getting him more subscribers in the end.

You see, each time your page is displayed with the Traffic Ad Bar on it, you get 3 points in the Traffic Ad Bar system, which means that your pages get shown in Traffic Ad Bar even more times, meaning more traffic, meaning more subscribers.

It\’s very useful if you are using your site in other traffic exchanges and safelists, which you should be.

Now you do have to be an upgraded member in Traffic Ad Bar to do this, but the benefit from doing this more than pays for the membership.

Go try it out for yourself. I think you\’ll agree with me, it\’s worth it!

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To your success!

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