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Using Traffic Exchanges

Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! How are you this fine day? Hopefully all is good in your world.

I got a lot more sleep last night and that helped me to feel better and I have an appointment to see my doctor so hopefully all will be resolved soon.

I spent some time today writing up a script and planning for a video that I will film on Friday. I wish I were better at doing them off the cuff and hopefully with practice I will get there. When I plan what I\’m going to say, I\’ll cover everything I want in the video.

There\’s a lot of conflicting information about Traffic Exchanges out there, but they really can be a good advertising tool in your arsenal.

So, what are traffic exchanges? They are similar to mailers, but instead of sending mail, you surf sites looking at each one of them for so many seconds. In exchange you get views on your own sites.

It\’s free and you can get a lot of views this way if you use good traffic exchanges where there are a lot of active members. 

I surf several of them while I\’m watching tv and such. 

You should only promote a list building site like 5iphon Reloaded or your own list building page or something that earns money like the Leads Leap Coop page to traffic exchanges.

Two traffic exchanges with a lot of active members are EasyHits4U and Traffic Ad Bar

Massive Mail Path is still going strong. Learn to get tons of traffic by mailing thousands of people every day.  Find out where to get those thousands of mails sent!

Click here and pick up your copy if you haven\’t done so already.

Swirl is a new app that lets you create \”Scratch & Win\” websites with tons of 15-60 sec shorts videos and generate income from them.

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