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Using Solo Ads

Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday! Did you have a joyful day?

I certainly did. I took a trip down to San Bernardino to the school for the blind with my friend as I usually do on Tuesday. 

I didn\’t hang out at the school today though. I had an eye doctor appointment so I went to that. Of course that meant new eye glasses prescription and picking out new frames and such.

I had a very helpful technician helping me with the frames and putting in the order for my new glasses.

I\’ll get my new glasses in about 4 weeks.  Whatever you\’re doing in life you have to enjoy it and be grateful for it.  I am grateful that we have so much help for vision issues, without it I\’d be struggling to see anything lol.

Let\’s talk about a paid advertising method today: solo ads.

Solo ads are one of the most effective ways to get traffic and customers.  But of course they are not cheap.

As I said before, you can save time or money, but you can\’t save both. And solo ads are very low cost on the time, but they cost money.

You should make sure you choose good solo ad provider, one with a proven track record. Then talk to them and make sure that your offer is a good one for their audience.

Udimi is probably on of the best places to find solo ad providers. Of course you can just search the web for them too, but Udimi provides the advantage of a network and statistics.

Check out Udimi as you search for your solo ad provider.

The Massive Mail Path launch is coming up tomorrow!  As my first product, I\’m both excited and nervous lol.  I want it to be a great success!  If you haven\’t gotten your affiliate link already, be sure to request it and get 100% commissions.

Check out the JV page and sign up to promote. 

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