Rosina here.  Welcome to the new week! I hope you had a splendid weekend.

I had a great deal of fun Sunday helping someone at church with some family history questions. Hopefully he can find the sources for some of the people he has questions about. I offered to get together with him and help him so I might do this coming week.

I had some technical questions myself today on two of the tools I use so I took them to their support and hopefully we\’ll have answers soon. One had to be raised to the next tier of support experts so that one may take more investigation.

I still got a lot accomplished today, but nothing I can show off lol.

Let\’s get back to advertising. One method I like to use is classified ad boards. 

It\’s a little bit labor intensive, but it\’s free. You can save time or you can save money, but you generally can\’t save both. So classified ad boards is one way to save money, but get lots of traffic.

You can find classified ad boards simply by searching on Google. Then you go to the ad board, post to it. Many of them you have to set up an account, so you do that first.

One tool that is helpful with classified ad boards is #1 Gold Mine so you can blast your ad out to bunches of ad boards relatively quickly. #1 Gold Mine does take some time or some money but it is a really helpful tool.

The launch of Massive Mail Path is coming up really quickly… It\’s only 2 days away, on Wednesday!  Make sure you get a chance to promote it and get 100% commissions.

Check out the JV page and sign up to promote. 

When you sign up, mention you saw it on my blog.

Let us know what you think...