Rosina here.  Happy Wednesday! Is your week going well?

Did you enjoy my cute cat story from yesterday? I hope your imagination is good so you could. imagine it in your mind.

Today was full of lots of little stuff I couldn\’t do while waiting for my friend at the school for the blind. And I worked on planning out a new site I\’m working on.

Let\’s talk about the second level of value. If you missed the first level of value you can find it on my blog.

Value is what creates income and there are four levels. 

Implementation is by far the biggest level of value, but also the most limited. 

The second level of value is unification.  It unifies and brings together the implementation.

The people in this level are those who manage the implementors. They bring them together and help them work together and make sure things get done.

Unifiers earn more than the implementors they manage because they bring a lot of things together, but they are still limited.

Do you fit into the unification level? 

I know I do in some of the things I do, being a team leader and hiring people to do things for me. I must manage and develop those people.

I\’m also in the implementation level in some things I do. Putting together websites and other things.

Did you get the report about Elite Ad Exchange and how to start making money?

Make sure you get that report. It will open your eyes to a unique way of doing things.

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