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Two Classified Ad Sites with a Lot of Traffic

Rosina here.  Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Yesterday was stake conference for us and Elder Brook P Hales of the Seventy spoke at our conference and I got to shake his hand and greet him afterwards.

It was a wonderful conference with great speakers, including Elder Hales, of course.

Afterwards, I was invited to lunch with the ASL speaking missionaries and our deaf members at another member\’s home.

But, unfortunately, I couldn\’t find her address in Google. 

The only matching address I could find was way up in the north part of Victorville and I knew she lives in the Hesperia Stake.

So, unfortunately I missed out.

I hope they had a wonderful lunch though!

I read a little in  Start With Why  tonight – a great story about a runner competing only with himself and why he was doing it even though he was bound to finish last in the race. It makes you think about how you can be like that runner and what is most important to you. Be sure to get your own copy.  The story is on page 222.

For our traffic source today, let\’s talk about and

These are two free classified ads sites, like craigslist, that get a ton of traffic – Free Ads Time gets around 185K visitors per month and Finder Master gets around 50K-80K per month.


In this case, the biggest source of traffic is not Tier 1 countries, but. rather India, but the US still comes up second with around 17-25% of the traffic, so still a hefty chunk.

And they are free, unlike craigslist and last I checked without all the picky requirements of craigslist.

You can get kicked off craigslist even with simple, innocent ads that seem to meet all their written requirements, yet their reviewers deny them anyway.  I got kicked off craigslist after 3 attempts with some ads that met all their requirements as far as I could tell – I got kicked off anyway – they wouldn\’t even tell me specifically what was wrong that they were denied.

We\’ve talked a little about classified ads, but let\’s review…

What you have to do to use classified ads

  • Pick a category that fits your niche
  • Write a short classified ad with your link
  • Post the ad, going through any approval process


  • Classified ads are a great source of traffic
  • Ads don\’t have to be long, in fact they shouldn\’t be, they should just grab attention
  • There are categories for just about every niche you can imagine
  • These sites cost $0 and don\’t have all the hoops to jump through of craigslist


  • For these two sites, the majority of traffic is not Tier 1, though Tier 1 still has a hefty chunk
  • Traffic quality is probably about mid-range – people are searching for your ad, but plenty of people are just browsing too

So what do you think about using these sites for some classified ads?

So write me back and tell me what you think and what your plans are.

And, let me know what traffic sources you\’d like me to cover. 

To your success!


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