Trust Is A Big Thing

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  We\’ve quickly come to the weekend!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I have a yard to clean up tomorrow and no excuses to use for not doing it again, lol!

So I guess the yard will get cleaned.

I was reading more about trust today and how our trust in others affects our response to their opinions.

No matter what we do, the opinions of others affect us.

And how we much we trust that person or organization determines how their opinion affects us.

When we see that they believe in a greater good and have a strong sense of purpose in what we also believe in, we are more likely to believe in their opinion and have it affect ours.

Celebrity endorsements are used because they work.

But sometimes they are just peer pressure in other words they are a face we recognize and other celebrity endorsements we really believe when we see them and the company they are representing with the same strong sense of purpose.

Have you heard \”The money is in the list\”? 

I\’m sure you have.

You need to be building your list in all that you do…

But how do you do that?

Could you add 4,000 to your list in say a week?

You can find that secret and 6 others here

Reply back to me and tell me what you learned from this or just say \”Tell me more\” and I will.

To your success!


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