Trust Allows Us To Take Risks

Rosina here.  Woohoo! It\’s a new month! Happy February.

It\’s amazing how quickly time goes. It seems like only a few days ago it was the beginning of January.

I hope you had an awesome day.

I had a myriad of things come up, but I got accomplished something that I\’ve been needing to do for a while now and tomorrow morning bright and early I get to show my VA how to handle it all for me!

It\’s a more manual process than I hoped it would be, but I have an idea how to automate some of it, but much of it will have to stay manual. But then that\’s why we have VAs and they love to do those manual processes. 😃

Have you considered trust?

Trust is truly a remarkable thing.

When we trust, we will take risks we would not have otherwise.

Going out to dinner while leaving your children at home with a babysitter takes a great deal of trust.

You risk leaving your children in the hands of another person so you and your spouse can have a date.

You trust that that babysitter is going to take care of your children while you are gone and that everything will be okay when you return.

Having a VA requires a level of trust. 

You risk things not getting done right or even at all when you put them in the hands of your VA.

And who do you choose to trust?

For me, I choose to trust my sister to be my VA. I know that she has my best interests at heart more than I know some stranger I found on Fiverr will.

We tend to have higher levels of trust for those in our own communities – people we know and who know us.

And there\’s good reason for that.

Sometimes we reach outside our communities and those people become part of our communities if they are a good fit for us.

Tell me, who are some people or organizations you have trust in and how did you develop that trust or what did they do that encouraged your trust?

What I was reading in Start With Why got me thinking about trust, so of course, if you haven\’t read it, I strongly suggest Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

To your success!


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