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Time Is Infinitely Greater Than Money

Rosina here.  I hope you\’re having a wonderful weekend… Happy Saturday!

I spent most of the day in the Bonus Day for the Your First Funnel Challenge. 

Russell had some most excellent speakers: Jenna Kutcher, Grant Cordone, Myron Golden, Travis Chambers, Collin Wayne, and Dean Graziosi.

It was an incredible day!  I hope you were there too.

Each of the speakers shared many golden nuggets. But Myron Golden said something that is just so true and I want to share with you.

We are all taught and for most part believe the lie that 

Time = Money

But the real truth is that 

Time ∞ > Money

We so often operate by exchanging our time for money, especially. the poor and middle-class among us. 

But time is infinitely more valuable than money and when we focus on our time and use our money effectively to preserve our time and use it for what is truly important, we get into a more powerful and need I say, wealthy mindset.

Just take some time to consider that in your life and consider where you are and what you should do to change your mindset about it if you need to.

And another thing he talked about is that we attract who we are.

So, if we are always worried about every penny and are not willing to spend money, that\’s who we are going to attract

He classified people into four types (let\’s see if I can remember them):

  1. Freeple people – freebie seekers – I will buy anything if it\’s free
  2. Grudgple people – spend grudgingly
  3. Feeple people – willing to pay a fee
  4. Givple people – give freely

(I think that\’s how he called them. I definitely want to rewatch that replay when it\’s available.)

Be honest with yourself, what kind of person are you? And how does that show in your life?

That\’s the kind of person you are attracting – including in your business.

I can\’t begin to tell you all the golden nuggets that were shared today so I really hope you were there yourself.

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