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Thoughts About Safelists Traffic

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!  I hope you had a great day!

I have a dream. I see people being successful in their lives and I want to help them get there. That is my purpose in all that I do.

I see you gaining the tools and experience to reach your success.

Everything I bring to you, I do so because it works or teaches valuable principles you need for success.

I want you to succeed.

I want to bring that out more and more in my materials and make sure it is clear and well known. 

It\’s like having a megaphone. If you don\’t have a megaphone only a small number of people will know about your vision. But when you have a megaphone, everyone can know about it.

Traffic is our megaphone on the internet.

When we get traffic, we can get our message out to the world, whether that message is helping people to succeed or what is the best things about the product we are promoting.

So, we\’ve talked about free social media traffic and solo ads.

And what\’s next…

How about we talk about another free traffic source… Safelists.

There\’s all kinds of information out there about safelists.

There are people who love them and tons of people who hate them.

So, first… what is a safelist?

A safelist is basically a list of people who have agreed to receive emails about your advertisements in exchange for you receiving emails about their advertisements.

Now, just getting the email wouldn\’t be very effective, so to be effective you have to click the link in their email and they have to click the link in your email.

This is how you get traffic through safelists.

So, what all is involved in marketing through safelists?

  • Sign up for a safelist (use an email dedicated to safelists because you will get a LOT of email)
  • Read other people\’s emails and click the links in them to earn points
  • Use your points to send your email containing your advertisement through the safelist

And what are the positives?

  • You get a lot of traffic at very low cost
  • It\’s easy for anyone to do, even a beginner
  • It\’s a great source for people with little money to get started

And the negatives?

  • You have to read a lot of emails and click a lot of links – this really can go pretty fast if you do it right, but it still takes time, but you can usually get around this on most safelists by buying a membership or buying points – just makes it a non-free way to use safelists
  • The traffic is not that good because most people are clicking for the points and not paying that much attention to the ad – whereas you might get 30% optin with solo ads, a very good optin rate with safelists might be 5%

Remember this is not to teach you how to use safelists but to talk about the benefits and drawbacks to the traffic source. 

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It\’s technically a traffic exchange (which we will talk about one of these days), but Elite Ad Exchange, like most traffic exchanges these days, has a safelist component.

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So, my opinion of safelists: They are an effective and low cost way to get traffic. I use them all the time and will continue to use them for the forseeable future.

So, what are your thoughts about Safelists?

Have you used them?

Do you love them? Do you hate them? Or are you somewhere in between? Or maybe you\’ve never used them and don\’t have a clue…

Reply back and tell me!

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

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To your success!


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