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Thought On Solo Ad Traffic

Rosina here.  Happy Valentine\’s Day!

I hope you are enjoying the gift I sent to you earlier today!

Didn\’t see it?  Search your mailbox and find it because you will want it!

There are still more accounts available, all you need do is ask 🙂

But who knows how long they will last, so hurry.

I hope you\’ve had a wonderful day and celebrated with someone you love.

I received gifts from several people at the school for the blind.

And members of a sorority whose mission is to help the sight impaired who brought gifts for everyone – a valentine\’s day card written in braille.

Now, let\’s talk about another traffic method.

I have debated all day, which one to discuss…

And I have finally decided on one that has become one of my favorites…

Solo Ads

I was against solo ads for a long time.

I didn\’t want to pay the money – I wanted to do it all with free traffic.

And if you\’re not careful, it\’s easy to get scammed.

And a few other reasons, some of which I found weren\’t true.

But let\’s go through it in a more organized way.

So, what are solo ads?

Basically, when you buy a solo ad, you are buying clicks from another list owner who will send your link to their list until they\’ve sent you the specified number of clicks.

So, what all is involved?

  • You need to find a solo ad provider
  • You need to negotiate with them for number of clicks and price (often this is just set in their ad and there\’s no real negotiation involved, you just buy)
  • You need to send them your link and sometimes your ad creative
  • Sit back and wait for the clicks to come in

Positives of this method…

  • Once you find a reputable solo ad provider it\’s pretty straightforward
  • There aren\’t many steps involved
  • It\’s easy even for the beginner
  • Leads found this way are usually readers who have a higher likelihood of actually reading your emails
  • Opt-in rates are usually around 20-30% and can be as high as 50-60%. So if you buy 100 clicks, you will probably get 20-30 leads at least. One provider I buy from, I regularly get 45-50% opt-in rates.
  • It\’s easy to scale – more money in with little to no more work – more leads out

Negatives of this method…

  • It does take a little work to insure you find a reputable provider and in the beginning you should really stick with providers who are recommended to you by someone you trust
  • There are lots of providers willing to scam you with low quality and even bot traffic so you have to do your research and put safety nets in place
  • You need to start slow – test out a provider with 100-200 clicks and go up slowly, don\’t then jump to 5,000 clicks

You\’re generally going to pay around $0.85-$1.20 per click for quality traffic – you can debate whether that is a positive or a negative, it depends on your tolerance for spending money. For paid traffic that\’s relatively low to be honest, especially for a 20-30% opt-in rate.

I already mentioned this has become one of my favorite ways to get traffic and that is because it is so straightforward and I can get a lot of traffic in a short time with little work.

The provider I mentioned above is Dominators Traffic by OLSP. Which you may remember is a system I have mentioned before.

Click here if you want to check them out for yourself.

You can get significant discounts from them based on your level in OLSP too, making your traffic much cheaper than anywhere else. So, something to think about.  

My discounts take me down to about $0.55/click and I get 45-50% opt-in rates, so you can imagine I use them a lot :).

So that about covers it for solo ad traffic. 

What is your opinion of solo ads?

Agree with me or disagree with me, I\’d like to hear it.

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Don\’t forget to read Start With Why and check out Dominators Traffic.

Happy Valentine\’s Day!


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