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There Is Benefits and A Down-side To Everything

Rosina here.  Happy Thursday!  I hope you had a wonderful day today!

Happy birthday to my Dad today

My friend is having trouble with her insurance so she didn\’t go to school today, so I stayed home and got caught up on some things I had fallen behind on and got to go to a webinar I wanted to see.

Unfortunately, it also means I didn\’t get to go to the temple today.

So some benefits and some down-sides to not taking her to school today, lol.

And you know, that\’s true in almost everything in life….

There\’s the good part to things and the bad parts to things, or at least the not so good part to things.

Whenever we see something and think that we want it, we have to think about what it really means…

What are the good parts to it, how will it help us?

What does it mean we have to do or what down-side do we have to accept if we have that thing.

I was reading a friend\’s thank you page today and he pointed out two important tips about traffic.

They went something like this:

Tip #1: Free traffic is good in that it costs you no money, but it will cost you time.

Tip #2: Paid traffic will cost you money, but it saves you time.

The good and the bad to Free traffic and Paid traffic.

So, you have to decide. How valuable to you is your money and your time.

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To your success!



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