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The Winner Of The Auto Posting Trial… and What It Doesn\’t Do

Rosina here.  Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend!

I hope you had an awesome Friday.

I spent a lot of the day learning and in a mastermind.

I still got some things done though, including doing the investigation I promised to report on.

So, let\’s get right on it!

I use  a platform that posts to various social media platforms for me automatically on a schedule I set.

Admittedly, I don\’t use it nearly as affectively as I should ::shame faced::.

But it does help with the tedious task of posting to multiple accounts when I do post.

It is a very effective tool and after researching all the major tools out there, I chose this one.

It has pretty much all the features of the other tools at a much more cost effective price.

And it does things that even some of the real pricey ones like Hootsuite don\’t even dream of.

In fact, after hearing so much about Hootsuite, and given how expensive it is, I was very surprised at how LITTLE it actually does.

But I digress, I\’m not here to talk how expensive platforrms are doing, but to present the one I selected.

It connects to the top platforms, about 10 of them, plus it has several integrations with non-social media platforms like Zapier (unfortunately not Pabbly, but hopefully that\’s coming).

Most of the auto-posting platforms only connect to the very top of the list of social media platforms, so only around 10-15 (but that\’s probably more than a solo-preneur can use anyway).

It gives you an impressive array of tools including a library you can create and then set it to autopost from when you don\’t have other posts scheduled.

Alot of the platforms don\’t have that. Only two of the platforms I really checked into had that option. And it\’s very handy!

It doesn\’t have an AI integrated yet, but I suspect that\’s coming, but it can curate posts for you from articles on the web.

Then you just look at the posts, make changes to make it yours and schedule them.

Most of us aren\’t looking to do agency work, but from what I can tell, it\’s on par for agency work with all of the best of the platforms.

So what is this platform, you ask!

Well I checked out about 30 platforms, narrowed it down to 10 I\’d consider… then narrowed it down to 5 that I\’d really consider…

And created test accounts on all 5 of those, including Hootsuite, Recurpost, SocialPilot, Loomly… and one more that I can\’t think of right now, sorry.

And the winner was…..

Raise your hands for!…


It had all the features the others had and some they didn\’t and it is the most reasonably priced of any of them.

Now, you might be asking, well what about the blogging platforms we\’ve been talking about that got you started back on investigating again…?

Well unfortunately, it doesn\’t have a direct connection to any of the blogging platforms, but neither do any of the other top social media autoposting platforms that I could find (admittedly, only a quick check – my accounts had expired on all the others so I had to rely on documentation).

However, Medium does integrate with Zapier, and since SocialPilot does also, you could integrate through Zapier.

I couldn\’t find all the blogging platforms with connections to Zapier, but a more thorough search might turn them up or you might be able to use webhooks to do it (admittedly a little techy).

Going through Zapier wouldn\’t have all the nice features of a direct connection, but at least you could do it!

So, if you\’re at all interested in expanding your social media reach, get an account at SocialPilot!

Now, all that being said… I did find another option that I didn\’t check out before that might be an even better option.

The downside of it and the reason I didn\’t check it out before is that it is a WordPress plugin, so you must have.a WordPress site to use it.

But it has most of the features of the other major platforms, if not all of them (gotta check that out), plus more features unheard of at those other platforms and it connects to 30 social media platforms (including Medium and some other blogging platforms) instead of the measly 10-15 that others do, as well as Zapier and other connections and has webhooks.

And because it is a WordPress plugin, there\’s opportunity for even more greatness because not everything has to be built from scratch.

So, I am going to check it out…

But!… you say… \”You said you were moving away from WordPress!\”

Yeah, I did… and I\’m repenting of that and I\’ll tell you why… but not tonight this mail is long enough.

So I\’ll tell you about my WordPress repenting tomorrow and about this auto posting platform that runs on it in a few days after I\’ve had a chance to check it out.

In the meantime, check out SocialPilot! 

They have a free trial, so take advantage of it and see if it\’s something you can use.

Write me back and let me know what you think of using these platforms to post automatically and the possibility of doing the blogging platforms through it!

To your success!


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