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The Way Of Success

I\’ve gotten better about sending an email each day to my mailing list, now it\’s time to work on getting better about blogging daily. So here\’s my first post, getting back to blogging daily.  

I went to Home Depot today and spent some time shopping. Something I don\’t do very often other than for groceries.  I picked up some things for the house, but it was good to get out and do something different.

There was a long line to wait in to check out but thankfully it moved pretty quickly, so despite the fact that the line was long, the wait wasn\’t terribly long.

Now today in my personal development reading, it was all about specialized knowledge and how important it is to gain that specialized knowledge. 

The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.

People with a strong desire also want to know everything about that subject of their desire, so they continually seek knowledge especially about that subject, or in other words specialized knowledge.

I think it\’s one way we know if our desire is strong enough. Are we continually seeking to know more about it?

It\’s no good just to seek knowledge, though, you have to put it into action.  But still there has to be that seeking for knowledge when the desire is there.

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