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The Value Of Coaches

Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  The weekend hath arrived!

My day started at 5am again (okay, to be honest, that’s always the case on Thursday and Friday – most other days I sleep in to… oh… about 5:30, maybe 6 if I’m really sleeping in).

It was time for a meeting with a coach.

For some reason I didn’t want to turn on my camera since I was still in my pajamas, lol.

So while most everyone else had their cameras on, I sat in the dark, in my pajamas with my camera off, lol.

Got my question answered, though, and some help on various things.

No matter what level you are at, having a coach, is always a good idea.

They can help and guide you through troubles you have, sometimes through ones you didn’t even know were troubles until you get deep into them.

They can help you with different perspectives.

Their experience is invaluable and can help you avoid some pitfalls altogether.

They can help you see things you need to do, things that are not really that important (though they may seem essential at the time), and things that you ought to do.

Working in a group led by a coach lets you learn from other people’s experiences as well that might be just a little further along the path than you are, or might be right in the same spot you are, and lets you share your experiences with others.

Some have formal coaching programs, sometimes it’s just one-on-one with the person who introduced you to something.

So, identify your coaches and learn from them.

On another note, I did work on the new Path To Online Wealth site design today. 

The home page is pretty well done and I’m working on the design for the course pages tonight – when I usually am listening to a course… but I am so caught up in the page design that I think I will continue that.

So, take a look at the home page and tell me what you think!

Oh yeah, I was going to write about where to get stuff to give away… tune in tomorrow, we’ll get to it!

Write me back, tell me what you think and say “Where can I get stuff to give away!”

To your success!


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