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The Value of Click Banking


Rosina here.  Happy Tuesday! I hope you\’ve had a marvelous day.

It got all the way up to 68F in my house today.

The sun shining in the windows must have helped a lot and we didn\’t have the rain and snow they predicted for today.

By the time I came home from the school for the blind today, the temperature was going down and it was too cold to turn on the heat again, so I didn\’t get to test it out today, but maybe tomorrow.

Alright, let\’s leave that and go to a traffic source.

Let\’s talk today about click banking…

Now click banking has nothing to do with Clickbank, the affiliate network, so get that out of your head and don\’t be confused 😆. 

It just happens to have the same words in the name lol.

Click banking is kind of like solo ads, but it costs you no money and can take longer (or not, depending on you and your partner).

Basically, you exchange clicks with your partner. You agree to send them X clicks and in return, they will then send you X clicks.

Typically this is done by sending their ad to your list and they send your ad to their list … and really that\’s where you want the clicks to come from – their list.

So, it works like this

  • Find a partner in the same niche
  • Agree on X clicks to exchange, this should be a number you can deliver within a few weeks
  • Get their link and send it to your list until you\’ve sent them X clicks
  • Give them your link and wait for them to send you X clicks
  • Rinse and repeat


  • You can do this even when you\’re just starting out just with a small list
  • Pretty much all the advantages of solo ads except, often, speed
  • Great way to build up connections in your niche
  • It is totally free
  • You can do it with a low number of clicks so you can deliver quickly – even 10 or 20 though 50-100 is more common


  • You do have to have a little bit of a list that is active and clicks on links
  • You give up chances for sales to your list, but you gain new leads which, in the long run, is more valuable
  • It might take you a month or so to deliver your end of the bargain and it might take them a month or so to deliver yours. On the other hand, it might go really fast if you and/or your partner both have large, active lists
  • Same disadvantages as solo ads

So, go out there and click bank!

When you decide you want to try it, I\’m always open to partnering with people, so ask!

What do you think of the whole click banking idea?

Reply back and give me your thoughts!

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Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

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To your success!


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