The Value Of An Affiliate Program For Your Course

Rosina here.  Happy Friday! The weekend is here!

I have mixed emotions tonight. I found out that my Aunt passed away this morning. While it\’s sad to lose her, I know she was ready to go, and I\’m glad she passed relatively quickly after her stroke on Monday.

This makes four deaths in our family this year, one of whom was my mother. It\’s been a rather rough year.

That said, I accomplished some good work today. 

As you may have seen in my mail earlier, I have a new site, with a new lead magnet and a host of great offers it promotes.

Check out my new page!

I also spent most of the day putting together an email series for subscribers to page for collecting cold emails.

It was definitely boring, loading all those emails into the autoresponder but something that had to be done lol.  It\’s a task I\’ll definitely outsource to a VA one of these days.

I have planned a long email series for that one.

How\’s it going on that search for learning centered sites where you can post about your course?  I\’m compiling that guide!  Be sure to send me your contribution right away!

Also, have you put your vote in on the ebook covers?  Be sure to do that if you haven\’t!

So back to our cours… how do you extend your reach through letting other people promote your course?

One of the best ways is through an affiliate program.

You can, of course, create an affiliate program all on your own, attract affiliates and encourage them to promote…. but unless you are well known and have massive resources or are willing to wait a LONG time for any return, it will probably be out of reach.

But there is a solution.

Remember I recommended Warrior+ for selling your product?

Well Warrior+ along with JVZoo, Clickbank and several other systems are actually what are called affiliate networks.

This means that they have an affiliate program all set up and ready for you to plug your product into, along with thousands and thousands of affiliates just waiting for the opportunity to promote your course.

Using one of these affiliate networks is a great way to let other people promote your course.

Go check it out!

So, here\’s another plug for your contribution and your vote… Send me yours as soon as you can and let\’s get this Learning Sites guide going!

Finally, you won’t believe it but I found the best system that gives you as much traffic and sales as you need from three sources  – copy, images and video – all powered by A.I.

And it is amazing what you can do with it. I picked up a copy of the tools and am having great fun producing amazing images and copy (I haven\’t gotten to the video yet, but I will).

Join the live tomorrow Saturday at 10 am EST/ 3 pm GMT to watch the demo of how this AI software works and what it can do for you and your business!  

Sorry I didn\’t get a chance to tell you about it yesterday so you had more time to plan for it.  But you NEED to go. These are awesome tools.

Click here and sign up if you have time tonight.

If you see this right when it\’s going on or after, click here to go straight to the training.

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