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The Value and The Problems Of CPA Traffic

Rosina here.  Happy Saturday!  I hope you\’re having a marvelous weekend!

When I got up this morning it was raining and had been all night, but by the time the sun came up, it was snowing like gangbusters and we\’ve had a good 8-10 inches of snow today.

My dog thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow and running in parts of the yard he usually stays away from because of the stickers on the ground. 

I guess with them covered in snow, they didn\’t get in his paws so much – he certainly wasn\’t chewing his feet like he usually does when he comes inside, lol.

I got sidetracked today and spent most of the day playing with Zapier, my wordpress site, and the winners of the social media automation tools I mentioned yesterday.

It was a lot of fun! 

But I didn\’t get accomplished some of the things I should have, lol

But, boy was it fun.

I do like figuring stuff out.

And I ended up creating a Zap that will save me a lot of time in the future – as soon as I get Aweber to play correctly with it  😆.

Which also means you\’re going to see a change in the layout of my newsletters. 

No big deal, just formatting stuff, the content won\’t change.

I\’ve been thinking about doing some formatting changes for a while now for deliverability reasons – though I think my deliverability is pretty good and my domain reputation is very good according to Google, but still, every little bit counts.

But I\’ve been putting it off and the Zap will force me to redesign the layout anyway, so might as well make the changes at the same time.

Anyway, enough about the fun I had today… let\’s get on to traffic sources.

So let\’s see… we\’ve covered free Facebook traffic, solo ads, safelists, traffic exchanges, Referral Frenzy, classified ads, and of course, the best, your list.

So how about CPA traffic.

So, what is CPA traffic?

CPA stands for Cost Per Action.This is where you pay the vendor only for those people who take some action.  

In the case of affiliate marketing, the action will generally be an optin.  So you pay per lead that the vendor generates (also sometimes called CPL – cost per lead).

You can make also have the action be a sale if there\’s a way to track where your sales come from (usually there isn\’t because you must be able to add some code to the sales page and as an affiliate you can\’t do that) and if you send directly to the sales page (your affiliate link) where you miss out collecting the leads which are more valuable to you in the long run than the one sale.

But if you are selling your own products, you certainly could use sales for the action.

An action could also be filling out a survey or other such things as well (this is how all those people advertising for paying for taking a survey make all their money – they are sending them to CPA links, they get paid then pay the survey taker part of it).

What\’s involved to implement CPA traffic

  • Find a vendor – there are a number of CPA networks where you can find vendors
  • Negotiate with the vendor for price and number of leads/sales/surveys/etc.
  • Put the vendor\’s tracking code on your page
  • Sit back and wait for the vendor to fill your order


  • Once you get past the setup it\’s pretty much hands off
  • You get a guaranteed number of leads/sales/etc., not just hits to your page
  • Leads are high quality IF you are very careful in selecting your vendor and all the tracking and verifying involved


  • It\’s not for the beginner – there\’s too much stuff to watch out for
  • You have to be careful of scams – there are vendors who will produce fake optins, dead email addresses, or robot optins
  • You have to be aware of quality of traffic the vendor is sending – does it match who your customer avatar – quality vendors will aim to send people matching your avatar but there are plenty who just send anyone who will sign up
  • You need to track more than just the number of optins – you need to check the quality of the optins too (is it a fake or dead email address, etc.) – there are several steps you need to set up to get the most from CPA traffic
  • Negotiation is a learned skill and one you\’re probably not going to be good at to start – and it takes more negotiation than CPC traffic like solo ads
  • You have to be able to put the vendor\’s code on your page – it\’s not hard in most page builders, but you will have to learn

My opinion of CPA traffic

Leads generated this way are definitely high quality if you have everything in place to verify and filter them and do everything right. But it\’s not for the beginner as there is a lot you need to set up and look out for to get those quality leads. 

You can get good leads at low prices even without the perfect setup if you are careful and willing to accept that some of them are going too be worthless.

So, from this (or your previous knowledge/experience), what do you think of CPA traffic?

Did you pick up Broadcast Mentor yesterday?  It really is a great course. I have learned SO much from it.

Are there any specific traffic sources you\’d like me to cover?  Reply and ask, and I\’ll cover them!  

Get your copy of Start With Why . I read today about a number of companies products that pass the Celery Test and a number that don\’t. I also read about some companies that have lost their vision and what has/is happening to them.  It is so interesting and thought provoking!

To your success!


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