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The Temperature Of Your List

Rosina here.  It\’s the weekend!   Are you having a great one?

I just did some housekeeping today, grocery shopping, and finished up some training from OLSP.

Nothing fantastic and wonderful for the weekend lol.

I had to find somewhere to do laundry too, because I couldn\’t go any longer without washing some clothes.   I\’ll be so glad when the burst pipe under my house is fixed!

Let\’s get back to your list.

Let\’s talk about talking to your list… the temperature of your list determines how you will communicate to your list.  Your goal of emailing your list is monetizing that list.

A cold list (people who have never heard of you or your product and may not even know they have a problem) require a bit more trust building before they will buy your product.

A warm list (people who have already interacted with you or have heard of you and your product) need minimal prompting to buy your product.

A hot list (people who are ready to buy) are ready to buy and just need the opportunity.

Note that people will move from one temperature to another as you email them.

Most of us probably have a list with a mixture of temperatures.  And sometimes people may be hot for one offer, but cold for another offer.

In your emails, try to interact with those on your list according to their temperature. 

That may mean writing so that you warm up the cold, give value to the warm, and opportunity to the hot. Or it may mean segmenting your list and writing different emails to the different segments.  Find what works for you!

How is your list? What kind of emails do you write? How effective are they?

All questions to ask yourself. I\’d be interested in a reply and hearing the answer too.

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Let me know what your greatest take away is!

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To your success!

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