The Spirit Of The Lord

Isaiah 61:1

The aSpirit of the Lord  bGod is upon me; because the Lord hath canointed me to  dpreach  egood tidings unto the fmeek; he hath sent me to gbind up the brokenhearted, to  hproclaim  iliberty to the  jcaptives, and the opening of the  kprison to them that are bound;


\”To preach good tidings to the meek.\” The Lord gives us all what we need. Especially to the meek he sends good tidings. Are we meek to receive those good tidings. Let us try to be.


I am grateful for the brothers from the ward who came over to see me tonight, dedicated my home, and did a few things to help me out.

What Did I Do Great Today…

  • I watched replays of the two Success Connections that I missed the last two weeks.
  • I set back up my GetResponse account that had been put on hold.
  • I sent an email to my list.

Random Thoughts

I cleaned out several boxes today that I had in the house, and I got the brethren to bring more in the house for me so I can more easily get to work on them. They lifted and carried them so easily whereas I had struggled with them lol.  I\’m so grateful for all the ward members help.

I also started to get back to work on business stuff and found several urgent emails I needed to take care of. 

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