How was your Wednesday? I hope it was a good and productive one!

Mine certainly was. It started out with a bunch of phone calls that needed done and working on figuring stuff out, most of which I got figured out. Then I turned to making videos and I completed 9 videos for my new product.  I still have to upload them and link them to their respective pages, but I accomplished the filming.

Now, let\’s consider the thirteenth step to riches – the Sixth Sense. 

It is that part of the subconscious mind that engages in creative imagination. It also allows the communication with the universe that we don\’t understand.

Understanding of the sixth sense only comes by mind development from within, by developing your experience with it.  We have to listen to it and act on those hunches and thoughts that come through it.  It is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual.

Consider this and think about how you are developing your sixth sense.

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