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The Second Part Of Your Foundation for List Building

Hope you had a great Thursday!

My dog was doing a little better this morning. He ate his breakfast though he threw up a big hairball (what\’s with that? he\’s a dog not a cat!) before breakfast, but then he ate fairly well.

I called the veterinarian\’s office and asked their advice and they suggested that I feed him a bland diet and keep an eye on him and bring him in if he gets worse.

So that\’s what I\’m doing.  And he ate dinner this evening and had more energy this afternoon than he\’s had in a while. So I\’ll just keep an eye on him, but I think he\’s getting better from whatever it was.

Since I didn\’t have a vet appointment, I didn\’t have to cancel on my friend and I took her to the school for the blind and went to the temple while I waited for her. 

It was a wonderful, spiritual day in the temple.

\”The money is in the list.\”

That quote will be part of our daily topic for a while  😄 .

Yesterday, we were talking about parts of a solid foundation in your list building.

And the first part of that solid foundation is your autoresponder (if you missed that, just click on the link and read about it).

So what\’s the second part of your solid foundation?

Well, you\’ve got to have a way to get people onto your list…

So the second part of your foundation is your Optin page! (or squeeze page or landing page or whatever you want to call it)

The one main point about your optin page is that the simpler it is, the better it tends to perform.

Optin pages with tons of long copy explaining everything under the sun tend not to get very many optins.

Either people get tired of reading or watching the video and leave, or they get all the information they need and see no reason to sign up, or something. 

But the fact is, the more it has on it, the less likely it is to perform well.

So keep your optin pages simple.

You should always be creating new optin pages and trying different things. Keep the ones that work and get rid of the ones that don\’t.

Set up a schedule for yourself and stick to it, creating a new or at least revised optin page regularly.

Maybe you do one every week, or every month. Whatever works for you, just stick to it.

Keeping to my schedule of optin page creation is something I need to do better at too, lol.

You need to throw a lot of hooks out there to learn what works for you and for your audience(s). 

You might be surprised at what works, so keep trying new things!

I\’ve been trying to put together review page and a review video for Profit Alliance, but with everything that\’s come up this week, I haven\’t finished it 🤨.

Still, I\’ve put together an awesome bonus package and I want to be able to tell you about it while it\’s still in the launch period!

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In the upsells he even has amazing packages to do the work for you so you can run your business in only 30 minutes per day.

If you buy it from my link, I\’m adding some extra bonuses (and his are incredible too) including 10K A Month Online, Commission Blueprint, The 10k Email Manifesto, Crazy Traffic Explosion, and Lindgren\’s Lazy Method.

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Stay tuned tomorrow and we\’ll talk about the hero of your business.

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