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The Science Of Getting Rich

I got asked by one of my fellow church members on Sunday some questions about family history because he had two people with the same name married to the same person but 75 years different in age. 

It seems unlikely that both of those records are correct. It could be that they are duplicate person records except for the birth records. Mostly I had to tell him it looked like more research was needed and to look for the sources of those records.

As a ward Family History Consultant, my job is to help people with things like this and I need to get better at family history myself, lol.

I\’ve finished reading Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is an excellent book I highly recommend.  

I\’m now starting to read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles.  I just recently picked it up and I\’ve heard it\’s very good.

It starts out with a discussion that there is a science to getting rich and it is about doing things in a certain way. 

It\’s not about environment or ability or intelligence or anything like that because there are people with opposite traits and in opposite environments who get rich.

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