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The Power Of Rituals Around Our Day

Rosina here.  Happy or is it Lucky Friday the 13th?!

I hope your Friday the 13th has been fun and lucky, despite the social angst around Friday the 13th!

I had a great day and got a lot accomplished.

But first, the weather…

The storms haven\’t quite hit us yet, other parts of the country were quite a bit worse off today.

It\’s supposed to start raining tonight and continue through Monday.

Unfortunately, one of the storms hitting us this weekend is supposed to continue across the country.

Hopefully it won\’t turn into too many, or too powerful, tornados. 

So, back to accomplishments lol.

I woke up early this morning with tons of ideas racing through my head. 

So first thing I did was plug in my computer and write them all down.

That way I can organize them and look at them and evaluate them to decide whether to put them into action or not.

As I got into my planning for the day, I decided to put aside some other things for later and work on a couple of my new ideas.

One of them I got finished and plan to announce tomorrow. 

The other requires more setup and planning, so it will take a little bit longer.

It was a fun and exciting day.

It kind of spread a little into my planned marketing time, but I made up for it in what I got accomplished during my marketing time.

Oh what fun!

As I was reading this evening I came across a discussion of something I put into place some time ago because of exactly what he was saying.

You see, most of fall prey to and get distracted by all the urgent things flying at us.

Things like Facebook and email and phone calls and text messages and Instagram.

And while some of those things are important some of the time,

mostly what it does is distract our time and attention from what is really important.

We get up and immediately check our email and find 10 things that \”need\” to be responded to right away.

And that leads us to 10 more which leads to 20 more and we keep responding to them… 

and then we need to check Facebook and there\’s suddenly posts we need to respond to…

and suddenly it\’s 5 o\’clock at night and we\’ve never gotten around to the things that will bring you the most bang for your buck in the long run.

Not to mention that you feel all worn out from that constant stress and running from one problem to another, putting out one fire after another.

I found I was really falling into that trap. 

I wasn\’t getting anything completed.

If I spent time on a long-term goal at all, it was short and unfocused and I wasn\’t getting things completed and I was so tired and stressed by the time I got to them that I wasn\’t enjoying the creative process.


So, what I decided to do was to set aside specific time for me to work on projects and specific time to handle email, etc.

I tried to set aside an hour in the morning in which to handle email and those issues, but I found that the hour just kept getting stretched and stretched and I was stressed out by the end of it.

So, I moved it to the last thing I do each day and I start my day (after my morning rituals) with productive work on projects that will bring in money.

At a certain time, I close that off, put it aside in whatever state it is in and write quick notes about what remains to be done if needed.  (well I try to be specific about this, I\’m not always perfect about it 😉

Then I move my attention to marketing. I focus on just that for a specific amount of time.

Then lastly, I do my email.

I actually find that I get much more of my email accomplished in a shorter amount of time and I\’m less stressed about it.

There are, of course, sometimes things that I have to take care of earlier in the day. Phone calls that need to be made as soon as a business opens, for example.  So, of course, I take time to do those.

And there are times when I go into my email during the day because I need to find out if someone has answered my support question or something else related to what I am working on. 

But at those times, I go into my email, search for and handle that one thing and get out – no matter how much other emails try to attract my attention.

This has led to far more productivity and accomplishment.

And best of all, I FEEL like I\’m accomplishing something which helps me FEEL better about myself and what I\’m doing.

Not to mention, being overall far less stressed and anxious.

Do you have certain things you do in certain ways that helps you be more productive?

High performing athletes in every sport all have very specific things they do before and around their highest performing moments that determine their ability to perform at their highest level.

These specific rituals are key to high performance.

So, again, what rituals do you have in your life? 

Or what do you want to do that you think will help you do better?

So, what I was working on today (and most of my ideas early this morning) had to do with Traffic Magic.

There\’s so many great ways I can improve it and serve people better.

I am so excited. 

I can\’t wait to announce the major thing I accomplished today, but I am going to restrain myself (though you can find it yourself if you go visit the site, lol, hint hint).

Go and check out the program for yourself.

It is an awesome little traffic program if I do say so myself 🙂

Want to talk to me more about this or any of the topics I cover? Send me an email with the subject “Tell me more“.

To your success!


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