Rosina here.  Happy Friday!  The weekend is here and the first week of the New Year is almost over.

Wow, time goes fast!

Have you made your New Year\’s Resolutions for this year and are you committed to them?  Reply and let me know, I\’d love to hear them.

Mine is to produce one thing each month that helps others with their success.  That may be a course, or an ebook or a service, but one thing that clearly helps others on their way to success.

Notice how that is specific, attainable and time limited.  Specific: one course, ebook, or service. Attainable: it\’s only one, something that is definitely doable but still a challenge. Time limited: one each month for a year.

I talked with a business coach today who offered her services to those who felt stuck in certain aspects of their lives and/or business.

I asked to talk to her about organization.

We had an awesome conversation and talked about quite a few different things including getting organized where she thinks I\’ve taken some good steps.

One area (of many) we discussed was my release of Traffic Magic. And she encouraged me by pointing out that the fact that I\’ve actually launched products puts me a step ahead of most of the people she talks to.  

She also gave me some great ideas to use to expand on the next product I have only just started to think about.  That helped me expand on and structure some of the thoughts I was having.

She offered me a follow up call in about a month to see how I am progressing on the things we discussed and I took her up on it.

She was awesome.

So today, I was listening to a podcast while driving to the UPS store and they were talking about the levels of competence and I was reading in The Power of Full Engagement about positive rituals (or you might call them habits).

It wasn\’t the same discussion in both places but they were related.

You see positive rituals or habits have a huge benefit in our lives and it takes almost no energy to maintain them because they have become such an unconscious ritual or competence.

Positive rituals include things like brushing our teeth or taking a shower or even driving a car. There\’s much we don\’t have to think about because it has become such a habit.

In fact we often feel like something is missing when we don\’t do them.

And those positive rituals can give us space and time for rest and rejuvination.

We can establish positive rituals in our business as well, in fact it\’s something that differentiates us from the gurus and helps them make a lot of money – they have developed positive rituals in their business that we haven\’t yet.

But we can develop them.

There\’s four essential stages or levels of competence.

The first, as it was called in the podcast, is unconscious incompetence – or basically, we don\’t know, we don\’t know.

Think of driving a car.  When you were a baby and young child, you didn\’t know anything about driving a car, in fact you knew so little that you didn\’t even care about it.

Slowly, over time, as you grew up, you started seeing the advantages of driving a car and eventually realized you could learn to drive a car and started getting a desire to drive.

In other words, you were consciously incompetent. You knew driving a car was possible, but you still didn\’t know how.

Then you started to learn how to drive a car. You had to think about everything on the road and every turn you made. You think about following the lines on the road and stopping at stop signs.

But you knew how to drive!  It took a lot of energy and was draining to do.

In other words, you reached conscious competence where you know how to do the thing, but you had to think about it all the time.

As time progressed and you drove more and more, certain things became habits – putting your foot on the brake to stop, putting it on the gas to go, stopping at stop signs, staying between the lines.

All these things became positive rituals or habits and you had to think about them less and less. You reached unconscious competence.

It takes very little energy to do these things (compared to what it took when you first started to learn it).  

And one of the benefits is that you naturally react in a positive way because you have developed these positive rituals.

In the case of driving your car, that may keep you out of an accident because you react without thinking in the right way to avoid the accident.

In the case of your business, it may help you interact with a client positively and appropriately to help them make the decision to buy.

Or it may be that you plan your day ahead of time, so you don\’t have to think about what you will do for the day, you just get  to work on it.

And there\’s tons of other examples. What\’s one you can think of?

One I can think of with regards to traffic in our business is what I mentioned yesterday – developing the ritual or habit to do something each day to directly generate traffic.

When we do that every day, regardless of what else is going on, we will become more successful and we will see our business grow.

Joining and setting up Traffic Magic is a great way to do something to directly bring in traffic.

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